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Just bumping this topic to ask if there's going to be a version for phpBB3.3?

I've been running a phpBB2 site for years with a 4Images v1.7.4  gallery, and am about to update the forum to phpBB3.3 but have no way of updating the gallery to integrate with phpBB3.3.

really cant seem to locate the source of this short_ipv6() error :(

doesn't seem to be any mention of it here or elsewhere on the web either.

has anyone else come across this? :|

oh yeah :lol:

Quote (5.33 KB - downloaded 169 times.)

i missed that  :oops:

now i get this error:

Code: [Select]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function short_ipv6() in /path/to/phpBB3/gallery/includes/sessions.php on line 278

apologies if i've missed something really obvious here but where i do i find the phpbb_functions.php file to download?

i cant see any download link on the original couple of posts :(

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