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here another template for 4images.

It looks a *bit* like another "image gallery", but can easily be changed to your liking with another logo and a change of color here and there.

Unfortunately I had to make some changes to some 4images php files to get it to work.


Download and *important* instructions:


I have made a template for 4images.

In action: (Not much too see yet)

Download Template here:

Its XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.


Please note, the zip file already contains the cmlcss directory, so unzip directly to your templates directory!

Important! Change the language in header.html of this template. It says now: xml:lang="nl" lang="nl", change it to xml:lang="en" lang="en" for English or xml:lang="de" lang="de" for German...

This is a fixed width template. Set your upload settings so images can have a maximum width of 600 pixels, and your thumbnails a maximum widt of 100 pixels.
Then in admin settings, set your Categories to 3 table cells, Thumbnail Border to 0, Image table cells to 5. If you want more New Images on the home page, open index.php, find "$num_new_images = $config['image_cells'];" and replace by "$num_new_images = XX;", where XX is a factor of 5, so 20 or 25.....

In home.html of this template you can put some introduction tekst. See the sample.

Photoshop Button template included in zip: button.psd

Dutch language buttons (Album) included.

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