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Suddenly, all of my html code in image description is showing. I noticed it on one, and when I checked the others, the code was showing on ALL of them.

Please see attached .jpg. As you can see, HTML is set to allowed in CP, yet the code still shows. The only thing I did was Clear Cache under PlugIns in CP.

I am using v.1.7.1.

UPDATE: I figured it out on my own. Mods, feel free to close this. It's fixed, plus, nobody is going to reply anyway, as usual.

Is this possible?

Using v.1.71

I am trying to find a way for my registered members to be able to find their own Date of Expiration by typing their member name in a submission box and clicking submit. Then their Date of Expiration will be shown to them.

All I need is the working PHP code and I can do the HTML.

Any takers? I am willing to pay - it's important!

Using v.1.71

I am trying to find a way for my registered members to be able to look up their own Date of Expiration.
I tried months ago, got close, but in the end I couldn't figure it out.

What I am picturing is having a submission box where the member can enter their username and click submit, and it will bring back their Date of Expiration.

Any help or ideas?


Thanks for checking! I tried a different computer and it worked. I think it could be a cookies problem, so I am looking into it.

UPDATE: As an admin, I logged out of my account and then logged in again, and now I can no longer view the albums.

Please feel free to use this test account:

login: testing
password: 4images

Log in and then click on an album. Does it take you into the albums or back to the main page?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / URGENT! Members Cannot Log Into Albums
« on: April 23, 2009, 07:10:30 PM »
My site is

I have been running version 1.7.6 for several years now with no issues, but today, members can no longer enter albums.

Members can log into their account, use their control panel, and even see "New Images", but when they click an album link they get kicked right back to the index page.

When I log in as Administrator I can view all of the albums normally.

I have not made any changes to the script, this just started happening today, and I have paid members so I need to get this fixed fast!

Any help and ideas would be appreciated!

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