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is anything else to modify? i get a blank page when i edit member.php and if i put the code elsewhere no upload button apear... somehow member_multi_upload.html not apear... i tried also to place code inside member.html and it shows something but not working... my script is 1.7.6. and my page www.pulsarmedia.eu

my member.php


you create the js folder (step.1)in the template folder, and not in root.

mfg Andi

i did in root also  /js/multiupload &  template/js/multiupload  also in (root/js/js/multiupload  template/js/js/multiupload) to be shure :P  i think is something else...

hm.. try this, deactivate on your site:

--- Code: ---<script type="text/javascript" src="./templates/fantasy/js/jquery.min.js"></script>

--- End code ---
call the "jquery.min" only one time on your website.

perhaps it does not work with the SEO mod

i just removed the other  jQuery and also i disabled the SEO Mod replacing session.php ... and the same page and nothing happens... anyways i see if i place the content from member_multi_upload.html inside member.html it sows upload button and i can make upload but not really uploading images... i think is just animation and after no editing page is displayed. In my opinion member_multi_upload.html and member_multi_uploadform.html is not called in my case. When i check source code isn't any code from these two files... i can't figure out why... member.php has the code for that and if i place your mod code above if ($action == "emailuser") { (step.10)  i get only a blank white page. right now code for member php is above... ?>  if you have an working copy of member.php i will try to replace mine... maybee somebody has modified files (member.php,functions.php) from a working mod.

you can see my multiupload page here after i press the button...  http://www.pulsarmedia.eu/member.php?action=multi_upload&cat_id=23


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