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I am wondering how can the Google reCaptha MOD be upgraded to the new version of reCaptha that google released. Since this MOD was created in 2008, it seems to need an update.


Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Record IP of guest image upload
« on: December 15, 2014, 05:28:00 PM »
Hi, is there anyway to record the IP of people uploading images as guests. When a guest uploads an image, it currently shows the image, the date, category and whether you approve it or not. Is there a mod or a way to add the IP of the person who uploaded that image onto the approval page?

Any help you guys can provide me would be greatly appreciated. I am using 4images 1.7.11

I added additional custom fields to the images such as age, city, etc. The addition of the custom fields was done correctly by adding it to the database, db_field_definitions, etc.

- The custom fields work correctly when the user is logged into his/her account and uploads the image, the data appears correctly on the site.

- When the image is uploaded as a guest and the image is validated through the admin, none of the data of the custom fields appear or get entered into the database. So there is an error in the mod for custom image fields, since these get erased when the image is uploaded as a guest.

How can we resolve this problem and get the data for the custom fields to go into the database and so it can be published?

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