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How to add a new, custom template page

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what if i whish to integrate a php file instead of a html? How can i do that?

1. FAQ
2. http://www.4homepages.de/forum/index.php?action=search;advanced
3. http://www.4homepages.de/forum/index.php?topic=4295.msg17676#msg17676


--- Quote ---you must not include the extension of the template, only the name:
(see, no .html attached to it)
--- End quote ---

That solved my problem as well!
Would it be possible to put a summary of the correct instructions in the first post? Luckily it's only  a 2 page thread but still ...  I don't need it anymore now but I am sure many others would appreciate it.

Kann man die über ?template=... Pages aus einem anderen Ordner includen? Ich möchte aus dem Hauptverzeichnis zum Beispiel eine Kategorie-Liste includen:

domain.com/index.php --> includet:

Muss ich dann CHDIR oder etwas in der Art machen beim includen oder geht das auf die Weise nicht?

Danke für die Hilfe, Konradin


Can they include a page that is processed by ?template=... from another folder? I want to include for example a categorylist from the root folder:

domain.com/index.php --> includes

Do I have to use CHDIR or something like this for the include code or doesn't it work in this way?

Thx for helping, Bye Konradin

For security reason such include is not possible.
Yet, you might want to try create a normal categorylist.html template with this code inside:
--- Code: ---<?php

--- End code ---


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