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To Template Developers: avoid using PHP code in templates

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If u are making templates avalable for the public, try to avoid using PHP code inside the template, because many people experiensing lots of problems just cause of that!
Yes, I know, that by including "menu.php" file u can do changes in that file and without need editing each template. Agreed, that's the easiest way to do, but the side effect of that can cause number 2 problem discusing on this forum: eval() error.

so, what u can do about that? - simply replace all your <?php ... ?> code with {...} tag.
let me give u an idea how to do it.
lets say in your template u have this PHP code:

--- Code: ---<?php
--- End code ---
this inserts in the template what ever is in /menu.php file.
most of the time the file contains plain HTML code.

now, you replace the PHP code (as above) with this tag: {4images_menu} (Explanation let's make it "standard" tag, that everyone would use same tag everywhere Wink). Then, u create a new template: /templates/<yourtemplate>/4images_menu.html with the code from menu.php
In the installation.txt guide u state, that if this is a first time installation of new template, then they should add two lines, in /includes/page_header.php file, at the end, just before closing ?>

--- Code: ---$menu = (file_exists(TEMPLATE_PATH."/4images_menu.html")) ? $site_template->parse_template("4images_menu") : "";
$site_template->register_vars("4images_menu", $menu);
--- End code ---

that's all, now all {4images_menu} tags will be replaces with whatever u put into 4mages_menu.html template.

Hope this will go as some sort of guide for templete developers, cause as I mentioned above, eval() error is number 2 problem after SAFE MODE, but work around it is much easier.

Hay Chris
Nice thread

I have a question

Is this work with query also ?

Sorry but I don't know what you mean.  V@no is the one who posted this original.  I just reposted it out of the search engine cache.  :roll:


--- Quote from: abdoh2010 on April 04, 2005, 03:55:14 PM ---Is this work with query also ?
--- End quote ---
I've seen several posts of yours with questions about "query"... I think u missunderstanding the meaning of word "query" or dont know that there are more then one meaning of that word exists...
so, what "query" are u talking about?


--- Code: ---Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /www/110mb.com/g/r/u/p/o/s/c/o/gruposcout508/htdocs/fotos/includes/template.php(101) : eval()'d code on line 2
--- End code ---

I've used the exact example that you gave.

And I've created the 4images_menu.html file on my template folder...

What's wrong?



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