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Edit: Solved in another way.

Sunny C.:
The error message indicates that there is an issue with sending emails on your website. Let's go through the message step by step:

1. **Warning: fsockopen(): Unable to connect to localhost:25 (Connection refused) in /customers/.../4images/includes/email.php on line 184**: This part of the message indicates that a connection to "localhost" on port 25 (SMTP port) could not be established. The "Connection refused" error typically means that the server on the specified port is not reachable. In this case, the script is attempting to connect to the local email server to send emails, but the connection is being refused.

2. **Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: fgets(): Argument #1 ($stream) must be of type resource, bool given in /customers/.../4images/includes/email.php:185**: Here, a fatal error is reported. The script is trying to call the `fgets` function, but the first parameter (`$stream`) should be of resource type (usually a file or network stream), but it's receiving `false` instead. This indicates that the connection to the email server was not successfully established, resulting in `false` being returned.

3. **Stack trace**: These lines show the call stack, which means which functions or parts of the code led to the error.

In summary:

- Your script is attempting to send an email via the local email server (SMTP) but is unable to establish a connection to the server on port 25.
- This results in a `false` value being returned when the script tries to call `fgets` to read data from the email server.
- Ultimately, this leads to a fatal error and the termination of the script.

Possible reasons for this issue could include:

- The local email server is not properly configured or running.
- Firewall or security settings may be blocking the connection on port 25.
- The SMTP server might require authentication or other configurations that are not set correctly.

To resolve the problem, you should:

1. Check the configuration of the email server that the script is trying to access.
2. Ensure that the email server is running correctly and listening on port 25.
3. Review firewall settings and network restrictions that could be blocking the connection.
4. Verify that the email libraries or classes you are using are properly configured and can handle the connection appropriately.

Please note that the exact solution will depend on the technologies you are using and the configuration of your environment.


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