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Discussion & Troubleshooting / Two upload forms
« on: June 16, 2007, 01:34:44 PM »
Is it possible to have two upload forms?

I thought I could just add
Code: [Select]
  $content = $site_template->parse_template("member_uploadform1");

to the member.php but im getting an error.

I need a seperate form for a certain type of image that will require different upload information then the other images.

Thanks a bunch

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: Change wording on Upload form
« on: June 15, 2007, 04:45:30 PM »
Ive uploaded that change three times yesterday and it didnt take. I did it again this morning and it took  :oops:

I knew that was it but I was curious why it wasnt changing, user error on my part I guess...

Gonna go back to bed now, lol

Thanks manurom

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: Change wording on Upload form
« on: June 15, 2007, 04:10:35 PM »
Yes the image description

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Change wording on Upload form
« on: June 15, 2007, 01:54:13 AM »
I think Im losing my mind...

I am trying to change the wording on the upload form "description" to something else.

I have looked at the language file and I do not see image_description anywhere.  :idea:

I see the other fields and nothing. I even tried adding it. What am I missing, lol..


Thanks so much Kurt :)

Yes :)

Users with 0 will just remain in the default usergroup and once a user reaches 10 uploads they get moved to another..

Yes, thats it.


I searched around and couldnt tell which exactly which mod I needed if any.

I wanted to setup usergroups accordingly to amount uploaded.

Once they reach a certain amount, they get put into a new usergroup.

Is there such a thing? If not, could something be created?

Thanks for the help

I would like to request a custom template if possible.

I do need a banner/logo as I already have that. I would like something like this site

Perhaps keeping the login and search at the top and on the left side is where links will go and right side is where google ads will be placed.

Something like this. Thought it was better to show what I have in mind... I will have the category icons myself, but this is what I would like my site to look like.

Not sure what anyone would charge but if its reasonable I may purchase it depending on price.


Could anyone help me with this? Pretty please? :)


I've searched all 16 pages, lol. Is it possible to allow users to comment on news?

Thanks much :)


Should be within your hosting control panel. Each host is different, but either hosting or domain. Just look for MYSQL link or something that states databases.

Here ya go

This works perfectly...Thanks to KurtW for pointing it out to me..

The host name should be either local host or if your host provides you with a host name thats what you put there. You get that information when you setup your database.

You actually need to setup a database.

You supply the username, database name, password and host name, etc.

Thanks Kurt, I wil give it a try. Looks like it could be confusing, lol. Stay close by in case I need your help.

I am really dissapointed that this can not be done. I have contacted Trez about getting this done and have not heard from him in over a month. I understand hes probably buys but I am running out of time on my site.

I need to be able to select what category uses a certain direct image code.

I have various categories and about 3 of them will use a different direct image code then the others.

Can anyone do this?

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