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Hello all,

i'm looking for person that can do small modification.

I need counter (to put on any page) with number of new images uploaded: today, this week, this month + link to display images in selected date.

PM if You are interested.


Hello everybody,

Do You know how to display number of new images added today and this week.

For exmpale to put in on homepage:

245 new images today
1267 new images in this week

I will be grateful for Your help :)

I would like to order pretty version of "Thumbnail Navigation" module.

If someone is interested, please let me know by PM.

Budget: 40$


Please see example of photobucket thumb navigation + main picture arrow navigation:


It must be exactly the same:

1. Possibility to set/change number of displayed thumbnails.
2. Mark current thumbnail with border.
3. Highlight mouse over thumbnail.
4. Left , right arrows.

Last thing is to add naviagtion arrows (<prev next>) inside main picture (not outside, inside).

Version of 4Images is 1.7.7

It should be very easy job:) I saw here few similiar modules:)

Good morning,

I have a question, does someone knows how to do page with images archive like that:

>> January (127 pictures uploaded)
>> February (20 pictures uploaded)

and link to search only images from selected month.

I know there is a mod that showing images from selected date, but he don't show information about total uploaded images in month:

Please i need help with that counter of images in month. I think this will be helpfull for all ppl to make "Images archive page".

Thank You!

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