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yeah, manurom
that's the 1st what the users do (of course, not all)
they remove the copyright but not the rss link ;)

and that's the reason why they are hide their sites, but want help here  :roll:

[has to be moved to Chit Chat]

Hi, nicky.
I noticed the change in your signature, and really agree with you.
I demand no copyright for my templates or my program, even if it requires an enormous amount of time to make any release. I've been helped so many times here for free that I can't figure to make my work copyrighted.

I often receive some messages from templates developers who are really bored by users' behaviour. Some of them have stopped to publish templates, some others are planning to make them downloadable through paypal or any paying module.
I don't and will never blame them. I know how long it is to code, test in every browser, publish, and support users, even those that have erased your copyright(!).

I don't want to annoy anyone here, but just warn members.
Most members here publish MODs, Templates, Plugins, Hacks, after having worked a while. What does it cost to mention and thank the original developer for his work? Soon or late, we perhaps will find no more 4images (or other free scripts) sources without paying.

Well, I do not say that every user abuses. I've seen a lot of sites keeping the original copyright (7dana, mantradream, Vierstra...).
But please, let us all respect other's work. Let us all keep the copyrights and links. So we will help anyother to use the same software.

Err... I think it should better take its place in the Chit Chat Forum. Sorry for havin' wasted your time.

[/move it where you want; very sorry again...]

you don't wasting my time.

i'm 100% agreed with you.

thread sticked here.

    I have modified the copyright line little bit . Please look into my site  and tell me is it acceptable or not ..

page_header.php can be so edited:

--- Code: ---<p id="copyright" align="center">
  Powered by <b>4images</b> '.SCRIPT_VERSION.'
  Copyright &copy; 2002-'.date('Y').' <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

--- End code ---

to get it in 1 line.

and no1 will complain.

think this is fair like your terms & conditions on

thank you in advance.
kind regards


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