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* Always upgrade to the latest version of 4images.
* Always install the latest security fixes.
* Password protect the Admin Control Panel directories using .htaccess/.htpassword.
* If you have phpMyAdmin running on your server make sure it's .htaccess password protected.
* Make sure all the admin passwords are secure. Change them if you have any doubts. And use hard to guess passwords.
* Change your 4images admin password regularly.
* If you suspect a hacking attempt, ask your host to change the login password for your web account and your 4images admin password.
* Make absolutely sure there are no viruses, trojans or keylogger spyware on your PC. Any of these could steal your password and other personal info.
* Make regular backups and download them to your local harddisk.
* Subscribe to the Bug Fixes & Patches board. (Visit the board and click the "Notify"-Button (Deutsch: "Benachrichtigen"-Button) on the top board-menu)
Note your gallery is only as secure as the passwords you use and the server it is on.
If the server is accessed then there's nothing 4images can do to prevent potential security violations.

HI Kai,
            I didn't get the 3rd  point .. :(

How to protect by using  .htaccess/.htpassword ??

hi batu544,

here an example and description: http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/password/
afterward place it into your 4images admin folder

Gr8 ... !! Thanks Nicky. !

Thanks for sharing tips. They are great. I need them so much.


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