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Feedback & Suggestions / Adding HTML Pages into 4images
« on: November 16, 2002, 12:03:45 PM »
Hi i would like to have html pages in my gallery , just like we have gif,jpeg and the others i would like to know if i can add html pages into the gallery.Is it possible and how do i do it ? :wink:


Installation, Update & Configuration / Case sensitive
« on: October 06, 2002, 01:16:06 AM »
Hi Jan

We are getting this error with making thumbnails , we are using image magick and using this path :   /opt/ImageMagick/bin/convert
This is the correct path !

Is your script case sensitive ???


Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Phpbb Mod
« on: September 13, 2002, 03:54:58 PM »
A couple of questions :

This mod does it have the same permissions as 4images , REG and ALL ,when i set it to all everything is fine but when i set it to private or reg then nothing appears ?
What needs to be changed ?


Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Chat Mod
« on: August 16, 2002, 03:25:00 PM »
We would love a chat mod so all members online can chat to eachother , when they log on then they can see whos online or even send a pm to the person online , doesnt have to have lots of rooms just one, and dont need all the fancy stuff , just a plan chat box with 4images .
Can anyone do this , or maybe Jan will have it in the next version  :!:


Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / How many members
« on: July 22, 2002, 06:47:05 PM »
I would like to put in my home template Or maybe in the whois online , how many members we have got at the moment , where and how can i do this :?:

Giffy :wink:

Discussion & Troubleshooting / IMPORTANT
« on: July 20, 2002, 01:18:42 AM »
I would just like to say this is a great script  , but as you read the forums people need some thing to use with there forums , a lot of people are going else where to find this missing part to make this script perfect and i think 4images will fall behind if there isnt a mod or a update so they can use there forums and 4images scripts together and thats a shame.

Will there be anything like this in the furture , and when  :?:


Feedback & Suggestions / Period of user account activation
« on: July 20, 2002, 01:06:01 AM »
The feature( Period of user account activation in days) seems not to be working , it does not remove the non activated accounts Why  :?:
I have set this to 1 , and i far as i can understand it this should remove the people that havent activated using the email .Is this a bug ? can you help please  :!:

giffy :cry:

Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Chat Mod
« on: July 14, 2002, 01:48:17 AM »
I need something when members are logged on they can chat to each other in 4images is that possible and where can i find such a hack ??? or maybe Jan you could put it into the next version ( something like the phpbb chat box hack) :!:

Giffy :wink:

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Image Magick ???
« on: July 06, 2002, 03:53:04 PM »
One question  :?:   when i try to make a thumbnail of an animted gif with a transparent background it comes with an error , how can fix this  :?:

Giffy  :wink:

Feedback & Suggestions / Editing images ???
« on: July 06, 2002, 01:18:06 PM »
Is it possible to have : When editing images having a Detailed version , so one can edit all the images at once instead of have to open every image to edit it  :?:

Giffy :wink:

Feedback & Suggestions / phpbb integration Poll
« on: June 30, 2002, 01:00:51 PM »
A quick poll on how many would like phpbb integration in the next update , this would be a cool feature and great for our members who dont have to log into the forum and then into 4images !

Giffy :lol:

Feedback & Suggestions / Sending email in html to members
« on: June 30, 2002, 12:54:58 PM »
Hi a while back i wanted to send html emails to ours members and you came with this :
open "includes/email.php" and add under this line
$headers = $this->create_header();

this line
$headers .= "Content-Type: text/html\r\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\r\n";

Well i cannot seem to get this working , all i end up with is alot of text, please can you help me  :!:

Giffy :wink:

Feedback & Suggestions / Updates in English 4images 1.6
« on: June 27, 2002, 08:13:02 AM »
Hi Jan

Can you please put the updates in 1.6  also in english my german is not so good  :!:


Giffy :wink:

Feedback & Suggestions / Warning
« on: June 11, 2002, 08:19:55 PM »
Hi getting this warning message

Warning: stat failed for plugins (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /xxx/xxx/admin/index.php on line 150
What is this and how can i stop it , its comes when i enter the admin index on the top left below control panel home link  :?:
What plugin ? is needed ?

Giffy :cry:

Feedback & Suggestions / Zip file button missing
« on: June 09, 2002, 04:18:43 PM »
Our zipfile button is missing after the upgrade , do i put the same hack that we used last time or is there a different one

Giffy :wink:

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