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It works very in vb3.8.2 well but it has two encryption database is the same on both scripts to get it working smoothly.

 I also encountered a problem with the directory of Style Forum, it must be of the same name for both scripts.

 Is there no solution to the problem of encryption between two different database, my database 4images is UTF8  and Vbulletin is Latain1 but I want to avoid the conversion that takes a long time.

Français / problem Captcha
« on: December 19, 2010, 11:05:12 PM »

je vien de migrer mon site dans un noiveau serveur, et je vien de renconter un probleme de Captcha les images et les caractéres s'affichent mais quand je saise dans la case un message d'erreur s'affichent de rentrer les caractére juste de captcha, et aussi j'ai un probleme d'ouverture de session il faut toujour que je coche la case 'resté conecté' pour se loger.

Merci de m'aider pour se probleme est ce qu'il est de mon serveur ou autre chose. :?:

thinks dear

Iwant the change in download.php

I want to change the path of download button

I want {download_button} = image_download_url     but not      image_media_file.


Merci mr V@no pour ce important mod

thank you for your answer

the difference is in integration of the code in the jwplayer

I want de code . Thinks...


Thank you very much for any Mr. Vano

I have a small request has you,

I want integrated Rss of the Youtube videos in this form and thank you :

السلام عليكم
موقع رائع واستايل جميل

وددت لو تمدني به

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