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Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Flash Slideshow
« on: April 02, 2005, 05:20:03 PM »

due to a lot of postings are gone i decided to add this mod, because i wasn't able to find it in this forum anymore. I don't know the real author. Otherwise I would give him or her the full credit. I just changed some lines of the code.

Here is a quick installation guide:

Installation (4images Version 1.7.1):

1. Replace "categories.php" (see the appendix below) in your 4images root folder.
2. Copy "slideshow3.swf", "flashshow.php" and flash_detect.js in your 4images root folder.
3. Copy "flashshow.gif" and "flashshow_off.gif" in your templates/yourtemplate/images/ - folder
4. Copy "flashshow.html" in your templates/yourtemplate/ - folder
5. Add {flashshow_button} somewhere, usually besides the upload button, in your categories.html to show the slideshow button
6. Add following lines to your main.php language file:

   //--- FLASHSHOW -------------------------------------
   //--- This lines are for the Hyperlink Description ---
   $lang['alt_flashshow']        = "Click here for a flashshow (slide show in flash) of the category";
   $lang['alt_flashshow_off']    = "Only registered and logged users have access to the slideshow.";

Appendix: If you don't want to offer the Slideshow to unregistered Users, you have to use "categories (registered users only).php". Just remove (registered users only) from the file name ;-)

Edit: Feel free to modify the "slideshow3.fla" file.


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