Author Topic: Do NOT send unsolicited PMs to Admins/Moderators  (Read 32076 times)

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Do NOT send unsolicited PMs to Admins/Moderators
« on: April 26, 2005, 03:15:01 PM »
Please do NOT send PMs (Private Messages) with just 4 words: "Can you help me" and a link to the post where you already asked a question. This is just annoying and unpolite.

Many people on this forum (definitely moderators/administrators) are reading every new post since their last visit, and if nobody replied to your question, that doesnt mean they didnt read it, it just means they dont have an answer!

Always start by posting in the forum.  You will get the best chance for assistance that way.

Thank you.

P.S.:  You can expect any such PMs sent to moderators/administrators to be deleted WITHOUT being read.
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