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Tried to do some alterations on some files in templates folder but unable to save;

"Error saving template. Check your permissions (CHMOD666)"

Version is 1.7.6

Done it ............ !!!
w/o your help it was not possible :)...

Thanks again

see below is the file
i.e. javascript
that I like to upload in such a manner that, it will execute & display images or whatever the code is
will not be displayed to visitors. i.e. output i want. not plain text

<script language='javascript' src=' rai'></script>

& my visitors are not able to upload .
If javascript is not working are are the another ways to so so..

thanks in advance.

I have installed 4images gallery on my 10 + websites. What I like to do it,I like to upload *.js or *.php or *.htm file along with *.jpg,*.gif
So that I can use other embedded documents from other websites.


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