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Support for PHP 7?

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Sad :( Really looking forward to this.

Would be awesome recieving a short update from the 4images team on this, when they think the update will be delivered.

Anyways thanks to the 4images team, for making a PHP7 upate possible at all! Awesome - whenever it will come!

We are just testing the new beta with PHP7 support :)


--- Quote from: kai on October 10, 2016, 07:11:27 PM ---We are just testing the new beta with PHP7 support :)

--- End quote ---

Awesome news!!  :D 8) Any roadmap details you guys might share with the public? Like when we might expect a release date?

Find the 4images 1.8 beta (PHP 7 ready) attached to this post.

The final version will be realeased the next 2 weeks.

Thank you Kai!

Great news! Thank you, to the whole team for still keeping up the work here on 4images.



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