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--- Quote from: cheribibi on August 15, 2005, 03:14:44 PM --- :?: As guest, why can I see hidden categories in sitemap  8O  while during the normal consultation of the site, the hidden categories are invisible?
How can i modify this?

I found the solution : edit in sitemap.php line 49

--- Code: ---  $hidden = true; //true or false. when set to true, all categories will be showed, the not accessible categories will be showed as "<hidden>";

--- End code ---
and change it to false  :wink:

best regards.

--- End quote ---
yes, that's the one ;) I've updated the file, now its "false" by default :)

--- Quote from: Matthias70 on August 15, 2005, 03:35:46 PM ---Hi V@no,
I have 11 new pictures in one category, but it shows only 1 new picture in sitemap.


Seems like the script can not count more than 10 in the category "Makroaufnahmen"  :wink:

Do you have a solution
Anyway its a very nice mod.


--- End quote ---
fixed it. redownload the package and replace sitemap.php

Works fine now
thanks a lot

works great
thx !!!


nice mod works well  8)
thank you

It must be out there, but I have been trying to remove description form the map. :(
I have been looking for something like %print $cat_name,& $cat_imagenumber,& $cat_hits , & $cat_description to just simply remove $cat_description, but couldn't find it.. And I don't want to mess sitemap.php.


of course, remove "cat_info"

Thanks for this great simple and clean yet useful mod.


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