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How to add a new, custom template page

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By using a built in feature found within index.php, it is possible to add your own custom template pages that are processed by 4images. This lets you create a new html template that supports many 4images features. In fact, your new template can use whatever you find inside the home.html template.

For example, if you want to create a Frequently Asked Questions page for your visitors:

* Copy one of the existing templates like "error.html" to "FAQ.html"
* Remove the {lang_error} {error_msg} from "FAQ.html"
* Add your FAQ information to "FAQ.html"
* Upload "FAQ.html" to the your template directory where you keep "error.html"
You can link to the new FAQ page by using a URL like the following example:

Please note that URLs are CaSe seNSitIve!

I have tried this method many times...I can't get it to work. I used the home.html as my source to save. Saved it as...aboutus.html
On the original home.html..I added a link to the aboutus.html as you described. I keep getting a 404 file not found. The link I used was just as you describe and I  tried every variable I could think of. Still nothing.
Should this link work using: http://www.mysite.com/4images/index.php/aboutus
Or do I  need to create a new php for this??? Totally confused :roll: Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I can get one link working..I could then use the same process to create more.
I have searched and searched the FAQ, and everywhere else to find the answer before asking but, there's not much info on this topic......Thanks a heap in advance   Regards, Jeff

its index.php?template=aboutus

V@no...I tried that as well. Exactly as written in Chris's example. Still got the 404 file not found. In his example using the error.html template, he deletes the {lang_error} {error_msg}. Is there something in the Index.html template code on my aboutus.html that needs to be deleted to make it function ?
That's the only thing I can see that I might be doing differently than his example. Thanks for your help..Jeff

can we take a look to the Gallery and in to the Template File?


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