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Am I missing something?

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I've been using 4images for a few years now with various sites and I have been posting questions in the forum for years.

No one ever responds to any of my posts, I even bought a bundle license thinking that might help me get more attention, but still nothing.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong to not get any feedback for help I need?

Thanks to anyone listening out there

Hello @kitty999

Here in the forum get only few help to problems.
It also looks so the 4images is not further developed.
The moderators and makers had withdrawn very strongly.

I also bought the bundle license at that time.
I have however the situation recognized and use 4images since 2005 no more.

There is a better photo database which is continuously developed and completely free (also professional).

I have sent you a PN



Can you share this better photo database to me pls?


I have sent you a private email.


Thank you.


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