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Hi folks,

It it possible to install two galleries in the same database with different table prefixes and let them share login sessions ???
Is it hard to modify ??
I'm a bit of a newbie guys .. but I gues that constant, session.php has to be modified pretty much?


assuming database prefix for you first 4images is 4images1 and for your second 4images is 4images2, then you can try replace in your second 4images includes/constants.php
define('SESSIONS_TABLE', $table_prefix.'sessions');
define('SESSIONVARS_TABLE', $table_prefix.'sessionvars');
define('USERS_TABLE', $table_prefix.'users');

define('SESSIONS_TABLE', '4images1_sessions');
define('SESSIONVARS_TABLE', '4images1_sessionvars');
define('USERS_TABLE', '4images1_users');

In includes/sessions.php find:
define('COOKIE_PATH', '');

Replace with:
define('COOKIE_PATH', '/path/to/first/4images/');

i.e. if your first 4images located at http://yourdomain.com/blah/4images1/, then the line would be:
define('COOKIE_PATH', '/blah/4images1/');

not sure if it's going to work though
just tested it, works fine, but you'll need add into config.php of each gallery:
define('SESSION_KEY', "this is a random string, must be identical in each gallery");


Thanx ... worked fine ..
I missed the session key part :)

Thank you very much Sir.

I just discovered, that auto login will not work in second 4images. One more change needed in second 4images to fix that. (added to the instructions above)

Fantastic Sir! :)


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