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Discussion & Troubleshooting / Re: Advice on which forum to integrate
« on: October 13, 2008, 10:55:54 PM »
Thanks DilnüvaZ,

I reviewed phpBB and it was way too big for me, only need a plain and simple forum..
I ran into and just integrated FreeForum...

This was very easy, 4images lay-out, users and admin integrated in couple of hours!

Anyone interested just let me know...

Discussion & Troubleshooting / Advice on which forum to integrate
« on: October 12, 2008, 09:49:39 PM »

Searching this forum for 4images / forum integration I found lot's of topics.
Some of you integrated PHPBB, SMF, PunBB, and lot's more...

My question:
Which forum is easiest to integrate with 4images from your point of view? (I want shared users between apps)
I can't choose, and don't want to reinvent the weel.
Any suggestions from people that did this before are highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

budduke thanks!
searched the forum, couldn't find answer.
Glad you helped me understand...
Thanks, and have a nice day!

Hi everyone,
I am going nuts...probably over a very dumb question  :oops:

My dilemma:

The page "top images" (top.php) contains sections:
--Top 10 images by rating
--Top 10 images by votes

I know how people can rate images (1/5) that's clear to me....

But what's votes??
I don't see an voting option for users or something like that..
How and where are images voted for??

Any help is appreciated,
thanx in advance!


Hi everybody.

Here is my first attempt to make something custom for my 4images gallery.
I wanted to show all members images on the member.php page and couldn't find a mod on these forums..

I used an existing mod and DHTMLgoodies image slideshow and tweaked / combined it..
Photo Preview Hack ::
DHTMLgoodies ::

Thanks Yuwen for photo preview hack mod, hope you don't mind I used it for this perpose....
Have a nice day!



Hi Deskcom
Lovely mod! Thanks a lot for the efford of publishing this  :D

 :D true..

I found the problem... The SQL script didn't add the prefix to new DB table.
There is no error in the install script, so i don't know what happened...

I really appreciate this great script, mods and support!
I'll be around for sure, and hopefully be able to contribute to this great project in the future!


 :P :lol: :!:
installed again from scratch, now it's working..

Hi V@no,

Reverted changes, but those 2 where the ones I couldn't get rid of, on top of screen:
7 times in a row: An unknown error has occured please try again later
Below that: cannot redeclare shoutbox, allready declared in...


Hi everybody in the 4images community,

I am new to 4images, but allready LOVING it!! :lol:
Allready spiced up my installation with some very nice mods!

Those mods are allready installed:
user sort ::
shoutbox: ::
last active users ::
hack htaccess mod ::
email validation results ::
dynamic page title ::
new images email ::
Thanks to you all for making those mods!!

Now I'm struggling for 2 days to get the PMv3 mod working!
Installing took 30 minutes, but there were some errors I could't fix..

Reverted changes by restoring backup because I can't get it to work.
I have €75 budget to get this installed.

Hopefully someone is interested in helping me?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,


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