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How to add a new, custom template page

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404 error? doubtfull...
How about this idea: you do exactly as it sais in the tutorial, ones you got it working, then you do the changes you want? ;)

can we take a look to the Gallery and in to the Template File?
Acidgod...please do. The website address is: http://www.latinamodelo.com   I've tried this exactly as described and still no luck. I have created another link...unrelated to my site that opens in a "New Window". It works without a hitch so, I feel it's something in the link path that is not correct. The links I am working with are in the left of the table below the Random Image. About US..(doesn't work)  Free Translation..(works fine). Awaiting your opinion...Thanks again for your help.

V@no...I folllowed the directions carefully. I'm still getting the same "Page not Found". If you look at my last post, you can see the site and try the link. You see the link I've created goes exactly as described.
http://www.latinamodelo.com/4images/index.php?template=aboutus  You'll get the same results "Page not found".
If you access the aboutus.html directly using this path:
You will see the html page is there.  :roll:  Any more suggestions ?

Sorry, but DOH! you dont have 4images folder which you are trying to access.


--- Quote from: V@no on November 24, 2005, 09:38:13 AM ---Sorry, but DOH!

--- End quote ---


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