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How to add a new, custom template page

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THANK YOU so much for all your help!! I wasn't aware I was supposed to upload that folder. As you already know, I am new to PHP. By the description given in the original idea of this thread: I thought somehow that file path accessed 4images to do the processing of the page. :oops:  But, that information opens another door I hadn't even considered. :idea: Thanks again..V@no & Acidgod

I agree, the example in the tutorial could confuse beginners, I've updated it, should be more clear now :)

O.K...I had successfully figured this part out but now, I've added a new template style. 4darkm by Bali...so what would my file path be to the new html pages now since they are in the 4darkm folder ??? This has me stumped again.

Just add your new template into your 4darkm folder, that's it.

I did add the new html template page to the 4dark folder but, the link example above doesn't work now. It just goes back to the home page.


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