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der Link von KurtW stimmt nicht mehr.

Mann wird hier auf die Malediven-Seite verwiesen.

Was ist da los  :?:


PS: Das sieht so aus das KurtW seine gesamten Threads gelöscht hat, oder?

When I search for them it says they have dissappeared or no longer have permission to view them. So which is it? Are they gone or am I banned from them?


KurtW has decided to remove his Templates and MODs which he have made for us all for free..

after many users are removing his copyright, he stoped to provide us with his free stuff. closed his site and gived moderator status back.
therefore as you can see, there are no more mods and templates which are done by him & he don't have to give support for them anymore.
i can understand his decision.
it was only matter of time when he would do that.. now we have it...

it's a pain for us (my personal opinion), he did damn good mods and templates but seems so that many users didn't respect his work.

anyway, i wish to KurtW all the best and maybe one day he will decide to go back to us..

I am sorry to hear that.... THey are his mods and I appreciate the time he put into them. I feel lucky to have used the ones I could before he took them away. At the same time I wish he would have left the threads which people have already have implemented as a way of peers to support each other.

hi AntiNSA2,

yes, it's a pain that threads are not anymore active. but we have to accept his decision even users that have his copyright visible.

what should i say: feel free and remove his MODs because there is no more support on them.   :(


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