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I can't set permissions for a user or a group

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Quiet a few people were confused when they go to edit user or user group's permissions and see "blank" table without any options (see first attachment)

The answer is simple:
Edit a category and set needed permissions to "Private"
Then, when you edit user or group's permissions, you should be able set the options (see second attachment)

It's worth to mention, that user/group permissions can only be set for categories, that means that at least one category must exist.

what if I want the user to be able to delete or to edit a comment or an image ?

like if I want to setup a moderaters group that they can control some galleries

make a copy from the admin folder and name it mod then delete all Navigationentries which the Mod is not allowed to use in the index.php...

Not a good Solution but it seems that it works and please save your orginal Admin Folder with a .htaccess...

Good speed! (o:

a little question relating to the example of the 2nd picture (when permissions are activated):

 :?: if a user is not allowed to view a category, can he access to a sub-category ? yes , no, maybe ???
in the example, the category test1.1.1 is a subcategory of test1.1.
the user is not allowed to view test1.1 (the category will not be shown) but he is allowed to view test1.1.1, the category should be shown...

 :arrow: How can he access to test1.1.1 category? and where will the category be displayed since the user cannot see the mother category?



--- Quote from: cheribibi on December 07, 2005, 12:42:29 AM --- :?: if a user is not allowed to view a category, can he access to a sub-category ? yes , no, maybe ???
--- End quote ---
No. If parent category not accessible, there are no permissions metter for subcategories - they are not accessible as well.


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