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Flags are not part of the mod ;) You'll need add them manually.

Ok V@no, i see. Then in this case demo pic should be added without the flags ;) its misleading.

Okey I added version for images... but next time check some tutorials how replace text with images before you make complain: ;)

no hard feelings my friend, but you are presenting mod with demo page and screen shots, I'm expecting some look after installation on my site, if something what's on your demo information's are not part of the mod you have to mentioned that in installation instructions otherwise you will hear complains.

Flags are not part of the mod ;) You'll need add them manually.

Ok V@no, i see. Then in this case demo pic should be added without the flags ;) its misleading.

Somehow I can't see the flags in my comments (, should I put them on my server? or they are located on google site? thanks for reply.

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: Answers in comments
« on: February 01, 2009, 05:44:13 AM »
Nice mod alekinna, but I have problem with your responses_install.php its giving me this error

Code: [Select]
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/XXXXX/XXXXXXX/responses_install.php on line 16

great mod  :!:
congratulation  :!: :!: :!:

he probably want some kind of slide show on home page where just new pictures will be chosen for it.

Chit Chat / Site in action?!?
« on: January 16, 2009, 04:20:12 PM »
HI there,
I will be really interested what is going on.
I just received this email:

Your link:

that was submitted on 3-Jan-2009 has been rejected
for one of the following reasons:

   1. Unsuitable content.
   2. Duplicate URL.

Jan Sorgalla,

I never submit request for adding my link in last past years, I did that once many years ago.
Now my old link with all ratings is removed???(I check each category 3x and I couldn't find it ) also
person who rated my page like "Unsuitable content" must be blind or something......because looks like
galleries with erotic content, stolen templates, wallpapers are suitable.....
So WTF is going on here?????

why that complicated??? just go to your admin panel -> category setting -> Number of table cells set to 1

you can see how looks that on my website in my signature

great mod, would be nice to have this mod without page reloading ;)

Plugins / Re: [Plugin] Windows XP Publishing Wizard Integration
« on: January 07, 2009, 06:19:46 AM »
check your attributes in your data directory

Thanks V@ano,
just now with your code this mode its ideal and fully functional.
Thanks a lot!!!

would be nice find out how to use {image_keywords} in header with out links just in plain text format.

<meta name="keywords" content="{image_keywords}">

its working for me and Im using 176 version of 4image

go back to that mod and read again, everything what you are asking is perfectly explained there. you don have to do anything special just read if you don't understood read again, and if you want something about this mod you have to ask in that mod tried. clear???

Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / Re: [REQ] Better image SEO
« on: January 02, 2009, 07:53:08 PM »
hi Nicky,
yes I have included my pictures in google image labeler, also I already try labeled my images true the google labeler  but any changes....

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