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prevent google from reading those links by putting this in your robots.txt

Code: [Select]
User-Agent: *
Disallow: /search.php
Disallow: /search.htm
Disallow: /*.search.*
Disallow: /*?mode=search

use this button in your template.
You can check that on my website

i searched whole topic but not able to locate

can u just send me the exact post

i'll be very thankful to you


sorry I cant, we have search function on top of this page......

tats ok

is there any way to display category path in the image url

for ex : if a site has hollywood-actress as a category it should say

Take a time and read whole thread carefully, this was requested here dozen times with some result........

Sorry, i meant robots, which i have from a long time...

thats ok but first two lines are not protecting you if you use this mode, put those two last ones there and you should see in couple next days-weeks search links moved from double content ones to robot restricted ones.

First 2 lines are already in my htaccess and still google show search pages.. well, i will try the 3rd and 4th line.

this code is not for .htaccess, those lines should be in robots.txt in your root directory, if you dont have one just create it. Also dont expect google clean your indexed search pages right way, it take months to do it.....

True... but look at almost any webpage ( this forum too ). Link to the search result is the same with the normal link.
The problem is that both pages use the same template. One option is to make to use different template, ( named detailsearch.htm) but i guess it's more difficult.

its easy to fix, just exclude your search results from google indexing in your robots.txt

like this:
Code: [Select]
Disallow: /search.php
Disallow: /search.htm
Disallow: /*.search.*
Disallow: /*?mode=search

no more double content ;)

Bug Fixes & Patches / Re: [1.7 - 1.7.6] Security fix in global.php
« on: April 06, 2009, 07:01:20 PM »
thanks V@no!

Mods & Plugins (Releases & Support) / Re: [MOD] guestbook
« on: March 09, 2009, 06:21:44 PM »
{guestbook_comments} shows nothing in 1.7.6.........

I cant get it to show comments.. anyone else get it to work?

uninstall this mod and do it again, this mod is working with 1.76 for 100% I installed it couple times with out any problems.

Owh really? Have you change the scripts to make it works? I also tried to re-installed and checked the the function of Original Mod just now. But an errors occured as below:

An unexpected error occured. Please try again later.

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in ..../public_html/includes/db_mysql.php on line 116

I dont want to change anything because lack of php language.

After uploaded an the orginal mod, email.php to my server, the same error occured as above and also after clicked send an error as below appeared on top of the page.

Email Error: Couldn't open Template ./lang/english/email/contactform_message.html

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ..../public_html/includes/email.php:336) in ..../public_html/contact.php on line 85

I'm not PHP coder either  but I'm following instruction precisely, and contact form mod was working for me on first time. It's probably easiest mod. Also those errors are covered in FAQ so use search function from this forum.

Perhaps your version is below than 1.7.6?! Erm... My resolution is not to use this mod. Do you have any idea how to get this mod work?

I'm using latest version of 4images that's mean 1.76 and original mod works well for me since 1.72 version.
Also before you do any changes in 4images gallery based on emailing something to you , you have to make sure
this function is working on your installation before any modification.

I never had any problem with original mod , captcha or uploadform in it. So what kind of problem did you solved????

only 3 template [ donation with 1USD ] the rest is free

hey mantra, check your mod rewrite in .htaccess something from there is messing your links, almost half website its not accessible. 

Hi, I have an old 4images site which uses an OLD SEO MOD
The OLD SEO has urls like this:

I want to use the NEW SEO MOD(the one on this thread) but I want to have my OLD SEO urls redirect to the new URLs so that I don't get penalized by google.

So basically, how would I be able to do this...


If you can help me out in anyway, even some hints of what I should do, thanks.

just install this new mode and disallow your old addresses in robots.txt

No hard feelings taken. What bothers me that people ask without trying something by their self.

Its not problem for me put images there, but I was expecting them to be there automatically because I saw your demo page and screen shot, That's the reason why I was asking about them.

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