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*** 4Images with amember plugin Issue
« on: July 09, 2010, 01:29:01 PM »
first of all i want to thank Rembrandt  for his support and great help. Sorry if this is the wrong forum thread to post a question like this, i still dont know where i should post the questions that relate to my problem.

Now what has happened is i have a plugin which is called amember and basically co-operates with 4images. Howeveri have made 3 groups, on the 4images control panel on the left under the heading 'users', the user groups are gold, silver and bronze, now when making the usergroupss 4images gives me the option of setting permissions which is great. Now when i set permissions, it tells me that the permisions have been updated but for some reason no category is listed of the permisions i clicked on and when i go back into for example gold usergroup to change the permission, the permissions that i set prior dont seem to be there as in no checkbox is ticked. Is this normal, is this suppose to be like this??

thank you