Author Topic: Searching via partial words - modify search engine? write a script?  (Read 2590 times)

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We have upgraded our 4images and are running the current version.

Can we modify the search parameters - or write a script that can put a wildcard after each keyword entry when the user clicks the search button?

I have many images whose keyword list include both the singular and plural of a word without any change in spelling - ie "tree" and "trees" - I understand the user can put an  "*" after tree to pick up all images that have "tree" and "trees" - but in our case that means the user would have to do that for almost every search term-  is there any way to modify the search routine so that it will pull up all the images when a searcher puts in a partial keyword?  - For example, I would like the image that has "burning tree" in its keyword list to be picked up along with other images that has "coastal trees" in its keyword list.  I will end up having over 7000 images and to modify every keyword for the singular to plural when the exact spelling of the partial word is the same is a task larger than I can even imagine.

Any ideas?

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Re: Searching via partial words - modify search engine? write a script?
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Hi, I have the same problem. In the last two years since the original post, has anyone figured out a way to do this?


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