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[Plugin] Rebuild Thumbnails v1.2 (2012-02-05)

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This plugin will let u rebuild already existing thumbnails. Its usefull in case u want make your thumbnails bigger.

---------- [ Installation ] ------------

1) create new folder admin/plugins/
2) download attached package
3) unzip it and upload rebuild_thumbnails.php into admin/plugins/ directory

---------- [ How to use ] -----------

Go to ACP (Admin Control Panel) on left menu panel u should see new section "PlugIns" where u should find "Rebuild Thumbnails"

----------- [ Version history ] ------------

1.2 (2012-02-05)
- Added: include subcategories
- Added: form settings are stored in session
- Added: all text is now uses $lang array (can be translated)
- Added: show thumbnails
- Added: auto redirect coundown
- Fixed: [MOD] Media Sites support

1.1.1 (2010-07-10)
- Fixed: javascript redirect to next page

1.1 (2009-06-21)
- Added: support for [MOD] Media sites

1.0.3 (2005-03-29)
- Fixed: problem with files with extension contains capital letters

Nice plugin  8)

I'm using it for a while now, but sometimes the plugin responds strangely: e.g. gives an error message  8O

--- Quote ---Vytvořit n├íhled pro: Orchidej 01 (P1010035.JPG)
   Media file missing, thumbnail rebuild skiped
--- End quote ---

This message ist strange, because, the mediafile is there and if I go into the details of that pic, the picture is shown correctly.
I tried to "rebuild" the picture-file itself and upload it again - but the plugin returns the same error...

And finally I found out, that the image-file must not have capitals in the suffix...

because after uploading the same file named P1010035.jpg it worked perfectly.

have fun

Thanks, martrix!
Actualy it wasnt bug in this plugin, its kinda a bug in 4images itself, because function get_file_extension() returns extension in lower case...:?

I've fixed it in v1.0.3

This plugin is very userful. Thanks !!!

i just would like to know i anyone can tell me where in the code the categories are selected.

i want to be able to choose a specific category and build all thumbnails from images which are in every subfolders.

For the moment, you can only select "all categories" or one lonely folder.


where can I download that file?


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