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well, its open source to begin with, so people shouldn't be really forced to do stuff they dont want to... but anyway that is my opinion, and i am entitled to it... if you want free publicity then you are going the wrong way about it... you don't see phpbb templaters asking you to place a link to their website do you?  :?

I agree that it might not be such a good idea afterall, maybe I will change my "policy" in a few days.

But I havent seen a phpBB template without a link to the
creator of the template. Also I have seen some creators on
the phpBB board asking/demandng to restore the link if it wasn't there
That's the way it works. Ask Nicky, he does the same kind off thing with
his links program.

Dunno about "Open source", I think that's something different ??.

Sure, you are are entitled to your opnion, did I say that you are not or something ?.

I get the feeling I have to live by "rules" that other people "invent", I don't like that that. How is that for "free" huh ?.

I asked Jan Sorgella how he thinks about this, and Jan stated that he is happy with my support for the 4images program/community.

Well. I released my templates, until now I am the only one, so it seems.

And to other "critics", release your templates, we'll talk again.

And in my "announcement" about my templates, I ask for "help", if you don't see that, forget it.


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