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like I promised, after the final is released  :)

I make my templates available on my own forum,
because this forum is "death" and needs you to liven it
up. Allthough its about something totally different
I hope it helps !


You can change the language of the forum to german, english, francais,
spanish, danish etc...

If you want the forum to look like the 4homepages forum, choose subSilver in your preferences...



is really great to hear that you have extra templates for 4images and i can understand you that you need visitors in your forum, but what i can't understand, why the user have to register itself to get a copy of them ?

think about that ;)


Because I need a memberlist !

There are NO strings attached....

You are just "bait", a small "price" to pay for such a nice template, don't you think ?



p.s. as soon as my forum is "running" I will change the "rules"

4images you can download it for free ;)
except "terms of use"

btw. i have allready made my own, thanks anyway.

My templates are for free too

And I will pay for 4images   :wink:

What's wrong to type in an email adres, and then download ?

Just to help me get my forum running ? tell me !

If you can give me a good reason, I will put the link to download right in this forum.

Oh, to avoid dissappointments, I have put a link to to my forum IN the template, and I don't like it to be removed, just like the phpBB guys do with their templates.



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