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why avatars only show when the current user after log in ?? but when the current user log out the avatars missing   :wink:  :wink:
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Do u mean avatars missing in already posted comments?
GUEST dont have an avatar.
I'm not sure why they are missing, I can see avatars even when I'm not logged in.
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Yeah I notice that on your site that I can see them ....But for some reason if I wasnt logged in on my main Admin account it wouldn't show them....I tried signing on with to other names on my gallery and they didnt show...just on my admin name....

....i 4got to chmod the avatar/users folder! i LOVE THIS MOD

Ah, I forgot to mention, /users/ folder must set CMOD 777
basicaly the same as /data/media/ folder.

but can u see avatars on my site?

I can see the avatars opn your site when im logged in or logged out....on my site I can only see them when Im logged in under my admin name still...weird

added new Step 3.7.
now when error in file dimensions it shows uploaded filename, instead of renamed one (less confusion for users ;) )
if u want do check picture's size when logged in as admin, need change in /includes/upload.php line:
--- Code: ---    if ($user_info['user_level'] != ADMIN) {
--- End code ---
with this:
--- Code: ---    if ($user_info['user_level'] != ADMIN || $this->image_type == "avatar") {
--- End code ---


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