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is it 4images still under development ? or dead ??? after 2013

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is it 4images still under development ? or dead ???  just wonder ,cos personally i LOVE this software ... one question thats bother me, is why 4images until now not implement pure css on template .. but still use table .. :(


I think they are already working on  :wink:


and i think 4images still the best gallery system .. but need a lot of thing to change cos in the world of wordpress and other CMS so bussy take progress  to take his place .. but the world need specific image system management for artist like me and other photographer out there .. please WAKE UP !!!  soon the fashion will change .. i still would like to make great template for 4images with jquery [ slide show and other think like implement css framework  to 4 images  but looks like 4image template engine to OLD for now ] .. WAKE UP MAN this is already 2013 .. make it more better ..[ i remember 5 years ago buy license of this software event how  i can use it for free but i still want to contribute  of buying it  ]  !!!!!

It has been a year since the above post and I am wondering the same thing. Is there still any developers working on 4images to bring it up to the modern web or have they walked away from it?

I have a couple of mods on the back burner (never seem to have time) but don't want to waist my time on a product that is not going to be upgraded.
When I mean new version, I do not mean fixes and streamlining some code. I mean bringing the whole system up to the modern web that everyone is using now.

Would love to here from anyone in the development part of the program. If you do not want to post on forum, I do read PM's

Ich glaube nicht, dass sie tot, vielleicht haben sie gerade an neuen Projekts.

Erazahan !! Hire WordPress Experts !! Where do pandas live ?


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