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--- Quote from: wenzel-orf ---I can only use GD 1.62 - is there a way to use this script with 1.62?
--- End quote ---

I can't check myself, but I don't think it will work... there's at least 3 functions used, which are from GD2. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend using this MOD with GD1 due to the miserable quality of resulting images. It's probably acceptable with thumbnails, but not with fullsize images.

I've got GD 2.0 with FreeType Support enabled (I can see this in phpinfo) but if I try test the server with the small code it doesn't work. I don't know if the problem is with font path: I've uploaded arial.ttf to the server and put the font path according this.... am I doing something bad?

make sure u did this:

But that is for use GD in order to make thumbails, I've use GD for thumbails and it works fine in the server but the small code doesn't work.  :?

but did u do that?  :roll:
this mod REQUERED GD2.
making thubnails does not requered GD2, and if u dont do that changes, 4images wont use fully features of GD2


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