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I have a gallery of about 70,000 images that I've uploaded using the batch import plug-in (

The only problem is that that particular plug-in didn't make any thumbnails, which I didn't think would be a problem, cause I knew about the autothumbnailer feature.  After I was done importing all 70k images (with over 8000 categories), I found that I would have to manually forward the thumbnailer page every 10 images.  I'm able to get it up to 100, but anything more then that, and I get page time outs.

So, my question is, has anything found a solution for automatically adding in this many thumbnails at once?  If possible, I'd like something like the "batch import" plug-in does, with the javascripted "next set" option.


site in question:

I'd like to be able to search just the category names, and have the results page have links to the categories that fit the description.  The focus of the site is going to be comic book covers, with the category being the series name, and the differnet issues just named whatever number issue it's for.


Category: DC
Subcategory: Action Comics

When you search for "action comics" right now, nothing comes up.  I've searched the boards and come up null :(

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