Author Topic: [1.7 - 1.7.6] User comments count not updated when image(s) deleted  (Read 9990 times)

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When images deleted along with the comments the comments count per user is not being updated. Thanks to alekinna for finding and providing the fix.

In admin/categories.php
Find TWO times:

Insert above EACH:
  global $user_table_fields;
  if (!empty(
$sql "SELECT user_id
            FROM "
            WHERE image_id IN (
$image_ids_sql) AND user_id <> ".GUEST;
$result $site_db->query($sql);
    while (
$row $site_db->fetch_array($result))
              SET "
.get_user_table_field("""user_comments")." = ".get_user_table_field("""user_comments")." - 1
              WHERE "
.get_user_table_field("""user_id")." = ".$row['user_id'];

Open admin/images.php
Find:function delete_images($image_ids$delfromserver 1) {
Insert below:
  global $user_table_fields;
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