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Problem with downloading MP3 Files
« on: October 10, 2005, 10:09:57 PM »
Some of my MP3 Files will not downloading correct and the Browser is opening the File and shows the Code:

Code: [Select]
vTIT2%Kriek_Live_at_Tresor-04-17-LINE-2005TPE1Tresor Berlin Closing PartyTALBKriek Live @ Tresor-LINETRCK1TYER2005TCONTechnoCOMM engTeam XDSTENC Lame v3.93TLANGerman@Info) 25 !$&),.0358;=@CEHJLORTWZ\_acfiknqsvyz}9LAME3.96r4$M 25m)@ ^&NRR&$ S3 y% FG&s골̌&NL6?a?b^2wCtQJ@,@ݧ@ P }ib @0?rzf_MɓMa v 'b޳{b><;lM=ɧ&z6lQ4WfPh2H d%q[idRB"Tt5^MӥC6l/JMZ弰! ))'l; EX:qZp|ZZ Q)" (䷘,cI* Ohh(CÍ]XJH!((!~=d;*.PwYUЊq}|%h*.]ꑌ"$).PiSBY C$ ܈R E闧?gB A Īv5U4 k;CXii]Yzb LjLON<HNws1Po(u( d"F0؄]@B !*i2x`@ Իg&Krm^R5 O`;p4KU mZN8e=dB'Re<JPi+.eEJř̚f,Z@oQHL62 Qva20U|V݋EW& {!PڝLI׆7% bj5ge9dX"L`9jϒ&^F'Tu%1Fާ1k&V2ų şvErR$F0ϓIFb ޛxXYC.|Cm) (H@j/DfSZi+ ʊJ)s.HoNTfF3e?7"3mgەy:cC = l>+/ݱgdHYc 7;홑292{O_b3d^2eBjzfsQp@I(K"=HpD^pe`> 8=%h2. bsEqRDBgۼ^mf؄aW/z %L%z5QWD$VLC%Dc:@Tf-+zmT$9L7#K(@bFe %̤= P: KSXp$X.h0ko*  Yon#:/+,SѭZPr(1UIZ!KڄThQV>$mxBVC#ujYjԋ1B`%W8Adw&wlݷXB5 "Z[HgItRNVwL(%:JL^-Ih(#MRQvjzш:z[rR֌[ jNfova(gUhT$V[:K1 l8hs\"n\ `V0\^)r竞pCdɛƙN{ȯ=sU[sĿCXR{$ha#)xر ]6""i#FJTO0P\LmZ)B@/٦< Zx3BÑaqq9H!A29 4sc%SR "|WQM}}Ϥ ~" t&qFyVx8mm߷;OLĘ;5E<vC]eps  Q![@ԗg,2,=&|R,I`E(%ygi\18/!M1V+ to=˷ji&ʚǙ=+-Qriѕ.^O-c }y FLxBb3_SbW.\ =J R^4RE`$13LSr4,~sUSGZRѯ((20~B40s!؅R'4vy= G tXv0A9$<GI,LcrFC^l.U&XIfcKmx*Y"bfY1~wĊTwyT;-[@oT q|, qQ!oWKJ3\е8r>>瑵TC/]h=[}|x$ozty?Yw =XDpqf^_'9,Iww?>w3=V`stJw mB؅]? x#HEG`hꭗDer}ҔkƄ0Za{eqêFSRR_8Y$.9J1I{W9G +Rsb eOU ‡3X0kuEÙڱ1(L!$'#$I @eDi  `̤= Va*4 Ź>VvJILPڦrRۄlUZ P}QB}d}F(xu<#V2ILz&JbI4El89W1[uJiU_i4e< }BIlƥqjEحگ[9td!}w. #XG~eM- ʄ&8{p-@>+_S iSܸ{/-[7<\{ pgݨx׃J]73[lqW,[ݪ5qf)3Tכӏy{KgO}nۼ׵K3ɉ.8Y']%Bz-$O$ ADM-Cfy-m*\K'Pg&42hvnDg[-xiՑ7}b#3HTCLWjHPqޤe@Cei%1|` ԬbÓL3r Qi# - ቖ F+°*-zQ 㔕N]L@zВGU D&V[<Fs^Z_2?z8DFmхz]YC C׷|=زt5@TVdl[Vʶ6WT}ϕ\852aM#Et$um? S8:Y zzrMB2Aʼn2a\0M|r&0[f  _:,Щ%} {ݘ@[ Wc]x'cTЈ*A8dY9>tb
Any Idea what is going on there?

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Re: Problem with downloading MP3 Files
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2005, 10:16:00 AM »
has it something to do with space between the words?