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Templates & Styles (Releases & Support) / Re: [Template] Prodigy Responsive
« on: September 25, 2015, 06:21:55 PM »
Endlich mal ein Responsives Design für 4imagest  :thumbup: Ein kleiner Lichtblick seit Jahren mal wieder. Danke für das schöne Template!

Are you using this template Tino23?
Is anyone using this template? Can you give a link to your site if you are?

Thanks - I am interested. Tagging this thread to see replies/problems/solutions, etc.

Yes! i can make it responsive. Let me have a try.. Wish me best of luck  :mrgreen:

I would love this! I have a huge database and would love to move it to responsive theme! Something great for browsing on the phone.

Any update?

I'm also getting this problem at times.

| Top Process | 78.0 | /usr/bin/php /home/comicart/public_html/index.php |
| Top Process | 60.0 | [php] <defunct> |
| Top Process | 56.0 | [php] <defunct> |

And the note from my server management saying
the traffic and the badly optimized php scripts of (the defunct php processes) are causing high loads in the server which causes critical services to fail.  We would suggest having the website developer take a look into the php coding to better optimize it.

I've made many changes/add-ons over the years. I'm sure I need to go back and strip some out.

Thanks Veno. I'll get rid of that. I don't like what it's doing.

I'm browsing my 4images site with patches here:

See the extra #. etc
That's a virus right?

Can someone help me get rid of that?
Is that 4 images or my Firefox browser.

Version: 1.7.7 with add ons.


[PAID] Upgrade large gallery with mods from 1.7.7 with patches to 1.7.10

Private message me with a quote for doing this. I have been wanting to be up to date but was to scared to do it myself because of all of the customization.
I would need someone to compare files in the upgrade and catch the customizations like below:
Mods are    [Mod]  Email image validation results to the user
[Mod] Let visitors to chose how to sort images(date,name,..)
[MOD] Dynamic Page Title for v1.7 & v1.7.1

I would like someone who has a proven track-record of upgrades for 4Images and maybe an Odesk or Guru or Vworker account where I could check your feedback (and/or feedback from other users here at 4homepages).


Maybe your hardware is to small for your gallery. I have also gallerys with such numbers of images and they wirthout any problems. The first step to reduce query is to deactivate the random picture.
Do you have your own server?
If yes try to run the tuning-primer script and follow the instructions there;)


After doing a search for tuning-primer and primer, I can't find this.
Can you link this to me?

Thanks - removing it from the DB fixed it.
I appreciate your help. Looking forward to the next version.

It's not the "last activity" field that's giving a problem.
It's the field *after* it where I assume the facebook name went.

Do you know what file that's in?

I had to uninstall this mod today.

Since uninstalling I haven't been able to Approve users who register.
When I go to the admin and try to change someone from Registered User (not active) to Registered User, I get this error in red:
Please recheck the marked fields.
And there's a blank field after "Last Activity".

Is there something obvious I'm missing?

What's wrong with continuing to use version 2.0?
It works for me.

Thanks for all your hard work Buddy.

I hate to ask for help.  I really tried everything to remedy this issue by following instructions and then following a fix that was similar to the problem I'm having.

What I have is - when clicking on the "LIKE" button, is a brief white-looking small pop-up that disappears before anything happens... before I can type into a window.  So essentially, I click the "LIKE" button and it adds a "1" to the button, then goes back to just a "LIKE" button.  Facebook doesn't recognize the "LIKE" either.

I know this isn't right.  Can you tutor me a bit here?

Code: [Select]
My site URL is
Be aware that my site is adult only.

Thank you so much and sorry for needing your time!

That's one of the reasons I changed mine to a "Share" button.

Thanks  - I just changed it.
The functionality is much different. Using "Share" it prompt you to enter your own comment about the image.
But on first test, it didn't pick up the title or description of the image.


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