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Mods & Plugins (Requests & Discussions) / PHP based FORUM (Request)
« on: November 28, 2010, 06:07:18 PM »
Hello Vano, rembrant and all the other amazing developers on here.

I just wanted to know whether there is a forum based MOD on here, Ive searched it and many people are integrating an already made PHP forum much like this forum here with 4images. I was wondering if a forum MOD could be made from scratch to integrate with 4images that I have now. I have the forum PHP scripts and and the tables that need to be made in SQL.

I have tried everything to try to integrate it but the code inside 4image is way to advanced and trying to undertake such a thing would be crazy as i would mess everytthing up. If it cannot be done can someone here please point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Thank you 4images support staff for helping me with alot of problems ive had. Especially Vano, remembrant and mewazni.

This is probebly the most easiest MOD anyone will ever request  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: at least i hope so. Ive been searching google to try and find out how to do this but i totally suckkkkk and cannot even find a solution. My problem is redirecting the user to the comment once the comment is made. Ok for example. Vano has helped me to put the comments as ASC and not DESC so any new comment will be shown at the top and not the bottom. But this means the user has to scroll down to the comment box to make a comment ( lets say theres 100 comments) it will take the user a hell of a long time to scroll to the comment box. And when they do get to the comments box then they will type in there header, comment and then verification code, hit the submit button and then have to scroll all the way up to again to view there comment.
I know what you might say, use the paging for coments. Believe me i have, but it hates me and creates so much problems for me. So the request is if the user hits the button submit that they are redirected back to the top of the comment page to where there comment is left. I hope ive made my self clear. Sometimes i just go on and on. lol  :lol:

Thanks  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I have a really silly problem. The RSS works perfectly on internet explorar as you would expect and the UI looks really cool on firefox. BUT, when i click on the RSS icon on the button on chrome. It just comes up with words, it doesnt work.

If any administrator here can send me a message and i shall forward my website on your PMs and you can see for yourself.



Thank you Vano and remabrant on the last issue i had. It worked.

I just have an issue with putting more random images into other places. For example inside the index.php the below code is the random image part that display the 6 images i want. But on the PM MOD and Friend MOD or any other MOD for that matter, how do i show more random images. So when i click on inbox link, it shows me my messages but only 1 random image on the side. Now I know Vano and many will say to put this topic under the specific topic that I may have an issue with. Bt then that wil mean writing under every MOD ive ever installed and complaining about the same thing  :lol:. So having this 1 topic will solve the issue for all users who will want to show more random images on the side. The code below i took from index.php and put into pm.php and buddy.php but it didnt work.

I hope I havent done anything wrong. I hope I could recieve assistence on this. Thank u in advance to any help given.

Code: [Select]
//------- Random Images --------------
$sql = "SELECT i.image_id, i.cat_id, i.user_id, i.image_name, i.image_description, i.image_keywords, i.image_date, i.image_active, i.image_media_file, i.image_thumb_file, i.image_download_url, i.image_allow_comments, i.image_comments, i.image_downloads, i.image_votes, i.image_rating, i.image_hits".$additional_sql.", c.cat_name".get_user_table_field(", u.", "user_name")."
        LEFT JOIN ".USERS_TABLE." u ON (".get_user_table_field("u.", "user_id")." = i.user_id)
        WHERE i.image_active = 1 AND c.cat_id = i.cat_id AND i.cat_id IN (".get_auth_cat_sql("auth_viewcat").")
        ORDER BY RAND()
        LIMIT 6";
// end new
$result = $site_db->query($sql);
$num_rows = $site_db->get_numrows($result);

if (!$num_rows)  {
  $random_images = "<table width=\"".$config['image_table_width']."\" border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"".$config['image_table_cellpadding']."\" cellspacing=\"".$config['image_table_cellspacing']."\"><tr class=\"imagerow1\"><td>";
//  $random_images .= $lang['no_new_images'];
  $random_images .= "</td></tr></table>";
else  {
  $random_images = "<table width=\"".$config['image_table_width']."\" border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"".$config['image_table_cellpadding']."\" cellspacing=\"".$config['image_table_cellspacing']."\">";
  $count = 0;
  $bgcounter = 0;
  while ($image_row = $site_db->fetch_array($result)){
    if ($count == 0) {
      $row_bg_number = ($bgcounter++ % 2 == 0) ? 1 : 2;
      $random_images .= "<tr class=\"imagerow".$row_bg_number."\">\n";
    $random_images .= "<td width=\"".$imgtable_width."\" valign=\"top\">\n";

    $random_images .= $site_template->parse_template("thumbnail_bit");
    $random_images .= "\n</td>\n";
    if ($count == 1) {
      $random_images .= "</tr>\n";
      $count = 0;
  } // end while

  if ($count > 0)  {
    $leftover = (1 - $count);
    if ($leftover >= 1) {
      for ($f = 0; $f < $leftover; $f++) {
        $random_images .= "<td width=\"".$imgtable_width."\">\n&nbsp;\n</td>\n";
      $random_images .= "</tr>\n";
  $random_images .= "</table>\n";
} // end else

$site_template->register_vars("random_images", $random_images);

//----- End Random Images---------


When a person is not logged in and they click on an image then at the bottom of the image there are buttons for example download, download zip, lighbox etc and all have been faded out. Is there any way that i can remove these so that when the user then signs in the buttons will appear but when they sign off then the buttons arent there when before when the user signed off the buttons would be there but would be faded out. I hope u understand what im asking for.

thanks again and thank u 2 all in advance for helping  me

I apologize for this for for months, ive left this alone thinking it was my fault and that i will get bck to it later in the future, i have now come back to this issue.

the issue is this...

On every 4images, there are links at the top which say, "new images, top images" etc, now instead of it being a link i want to insert an image to it. So what i did was

<a href="{url_top_comments}"> <img src="example.png" />gggggggg </a>

In dreamweaver i can clearly see the image has been set, but when i upload and then refresh the page the image  is X, it does not show it. So has 4images purposely set it this way ?? or am i just really blind that im making a mistake somewhere?  :P

Thank u guys

To whom can help me with this problem...

This is the error i get if i upload an extension type of .mp3...

Error uploading image file:
Griminal_-_Hello_Good_Morning_Freestyle.mp3: Invalid file type (mp3, audio/mp)

As you can see above im just testing my site and now i have another problem. I dont understand why problems keep on coming up for me. The mp3 is a valid file extension as i have checked inside of the admin panel. Why is this happening. The only time i may have tampered with uploading is when i installed multiuserupload MOD and Vanos Media sites MOD

When i upload media site contents and images it works but not with mp3 and flv.

Thank u 100x in advance for any help that u will give me

Chit Chat / Re: Mawenzi's Top 100+ MOD List (unsorted sorted)
« on: August 30, 2010, 03:51:11 PM »

Vano can i ask something please and please can u answer this i really hope u do. Ok im in final year in studies and i would really love to be part of 4images team. My knowlegde is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way near as advanced and perfect like urs. However i will be willing to learn. Please i hope u can answer me this question i have for some time. Is there possibility of work experience?? to work for great team like yours?

Thank u Vano

To whom may help me with this problem please

Below is an image, and as u can see from the home page, the images are to the left, i want it to be aligned in the middle with the person name and all the other details. Please can anyone help me wit this


I just have simple question and advice, ok to start, I have been installing nice MODS and testing my 4images system, now i just need advice,  I want to start from new, just emptying certain tables to start from ID 1 and then i will put my site live.

I wondering if i can empty of the tables in 4images which are

- Table _lightbox (which which has rows inside it when i created dummy members).
- Table _groupmatch
- Table _groupaccess

just want to know if i can empty these tables, just to let u know that members will be deleted so it wont cause problem i hope but i need advice
thank u to anyone who reply to me


:( first of i would like to thank V@no and Samule.inn and all the 4images people out there for helping me.

I have major problem, i have 2 dummy accounts, both of them are off registered level user status. But 1 of the users has power to delete and edit comments? i dont understand why this is, i have checked user level and they are both registered, i have checked user groups and that is ok, but why does 1 user of registered level have previlege power to edit and delete comments. This is onyl administrator job.. Can anyone here please help me i will do anything, pay for help please.

thank u please anyone.

Hello, only the admin is allowed to make downlods accessible or not.

I was wondering for every user upload if the member had the option to switch on or off or simple click a radio button or checkbox to let the user select whether or not her or his content was allowed to be download. ?? Is this possible. Im sure it is, ive seen u clever guys like VANO and remembrant and mgi create supercomputers for nasa. lol

Thanks again people


The above URL is the url for the MOD, the mod is fantastic, however i have no yet installed it, because of problems regarding other MODS made by VANO and other members.

First problem is MOD media sites 1.11, certain aspects of code for this MOD are put inside the includes/function.php however on step 6 of the above mentioned link , it asks us to comment out certain aspects but because i have put VANO's MOD media sites inside the functions.php do i also comment his code out too because some snippets of code from the media site.1.11v arer put inside the middle of the function that on ste 6 asks us to comment out. Also not to mention the BBcode MOD if u click the link on the left u will see, also i hve certain aspects integrated inside the functions.php.

Also on step 6 i cannot seem to find the code return
Code: [Select]

I was wondering, if the PMv2 can recieve some sort of upgrade for example tell us exactly what to comment out, because i have certain MOD's i.e Vano's excellent mod media sites.1.11. That makes it veryy difficult to ty and find where to comment out and what to comment out please help

any help???

I dont understand what the problem is :cry:

Basicailly, when user logs out of 4images, there are no RANDOM pictures being displayed on the left of the screen. Actually no images what so ever are being displayed on the front of the 4images user interface.

example go on  VANO's website

he has images displayed on the front, new images, etc and even on the top images things are displayed. But for me when user is logged in then things are displayed, when user is not logged in nothing is displayed on front screen, its completly dead?

this is what is says on the front screen...

No categories found.

0 images in 0 categories.

New images
Currently there are no new images.

Currently active users: 1
There are currently 0 registered user(s) (0 among them invisible) and 1 guest(s) online.


what may be the problem?

Hello Vano

Thank u for ur previous replies, U gave me a link that apparently made thumbnails of the images that were on top 10 of votes, hits, rating etc. However from reading it, the guy said he had no idea about programming and was just messing up and that is a big risk. So far i have implemented all of ur MODS, well half of it, because I trust ur work and i know if something goes wrong, u r clever enough to know what is wrong..

Please can i request for u to  help me and show us how to make thumbnails of the users that have risen up in popularity via hits, votes, comments. This way it wil make my users stay and become more interested.

I will of course pay u - Just PM me ur paypal email, this will go to any other person of Vano's status who can help me and this community and have thumbnails of images howing on the top 10

God bless u sir, pleaseeeee

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