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this is my 2-dime contribution to the community.

this is a very simple modification to break the line and add a point before each subcategory in the category listing. (as in the attached image).

this mod is for 4images 1.7.6

simply download the attached functions.php and throw it in your "includes" folder.

attached also image to show you how this new presentation of the subcategories works out for me. you can also check here

the only changes are made in lines 1115 to 1117. the modified code is here:

Code: [Select]
      $sub_cat_list .= "<b>.</b> &nbsp; <a href=\"".$sub_url."\" class=\"subcat\">".format_text($cat_cache[$subcat_id]['cat_name'], 2)."</a>";
      if ($i != $config['num_subcats'] && $i < $config['num_subcats'] && $i < $num_subs) {
        $sub_cat_list .= "<br> ";

Remarks or thanks are welcome.

I know how to merge 2 categories with SQL (direct access to the DB)

But I would like to give such power to fellow administrators who only have access to 4images 1.7.6 admin interface

I searched and could not find such a mod.

Does this exist?

The MOD should simply do 2 things:


1) update table images WHERE cat_id = $source_cat_id SET cat_id= $target_cat_id

2) mv /home/user/public_html/gallery_folder/data/media/$source_cat_id ../$target_cat_id

Installation, Update & Configuration / share data by 3 installations
« on: January 14, 2008, 05:59:59 AM »

3 domains on one server. no users. just me.

I am technically able to find out my way to sharing the DB info and the data (pictures).

But would not google see this as 3 domains on one server presenting the same data 3 times, and thus , kill our rating ?


it took me more than an hour of research to find out on my own that the separator between subcategories in the home page (default is comma) is burried deep into includes/functions.php

        $sub_cat_list .= ", ";

I wish this could be well documented somewhere, and even put as an option in the admin panel ......  (the separator in the location bar - ok clickstream - in the page header is already something you set in the admin panel ..... )

I am just against hardcoding as a matter of principle.


Commercial utilization is fundamentally said to exist whenever the operator of 4images is not a private person, a non-profit organization or an academic institution

well, I am a private person, and I am not making any profit out of my site, but I do display paid ads to pay for the server fees.

do I need a commercial license for 4images in this case?

Discussion & Troubleshooting / thumbnails of PDF files?
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:16:44 AM »
Hello. I searched but did not find.

Is 4images unable to create pdf thumbnails (auto-thumbnailer) ?

if it can, please how?

it if cannot, do you know a good batch pdf-jpg converter?


After a lot of painful research and trial and error, I found out that when the Image Name field is in non-ascii chars, the upload fails (captcha deactivated in global.php)

After additional painful research, found out that this problem could be avoided by replacing the 4 occurences of $HTTP_POST_VARS['image_name'] in member.php by $_POST['image_name']

Now I also found out that users are not able to use non-ascii chars in comment title..... grrrh.

I searched details.php for any occurences of $HTTP_POST_VARS['image_name'], but there were none.

Any solution?

Linux server RedHat 9 PHP 5 mysql 4 Cpanel 11 4images1.7.4 latest.

Franšais / concernant pas concerner
« on: July 27, 2007, 10:23:48 PM »
je vous en prie...... regarder la description de ce forum.......

I sincerely believe this "Check New Images" is the most intelligent feature in 4images, and one of the most intelligent features I have seen using many different gallery scrpts.

What is your most beloved feature?

It would be nice if we receive a notice by email when new releases of 4homepages are made.

Yet in the News & Announcements forums, the option of activating automatic notices on new topics is deactivated.

Can the admin kindly change this ?

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