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Hi there. Loving 4images! I've been running my site on it for some time now and really love its easy and versatility.

Recently I changed access to larger images in the gallery to Registered Users only, but noticed the other night that people who are guests are still getting access to the images. After investigating I discovered it is because of the RSS feed (they can see them in the feed). Is there any way I can change this? Ensure that through the RSS they get notification there is a new add, but not be able to see the image (or at least the image at its full size) in the feed itself?


Hi there. I have been struggling with this issue for aaaaaaaaaages, and left it alone for some time, only to come back to it today and still find frustration with working it out.

I have a News Mod on my page, it is fantastic. However, because of the font colour for the text "Archives", and the colour of the table it is in, you can not see the text unless you accidentally hover over it.

I have checked and fiddled with everything I can possibly think of, but for the life of me I can not get it to change.

Here is my page:

Can anyone offer me some advice on where I need to go to alter ONLY the colour of the word Archives, on the top right side of the News table?

Much obliged!


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